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Vision & Mission

SKOSV believes in infusing three core principles as part of our company’s vision to become one of the leading ship owning, operating and chartering service in the world. Those three core principles are the following

"Competent, Efficient, Commitment"

We take pride in adhering to our vision for continued success in the future, as it is our company’s mission to ensure a high quality of service to our clients, while providing a reliable operating and chartering service and delivering our services in a timely manner; creating a strong relationship between our company and our clients.

Together, our organizational vision and mission allows SKOSV to response comprehensively towards new business opportunities and challenges while fostering an atmosphere of virtue and security.

Company Information

SKOSV is a subsidiary of Nam Cheong Limited, a leading global offshore marine group and also the largest shipbuilder in Malaysia.

SKOSV aims to be one of the leading vessel chartering services around the world through our foresight and initiative. SKOSV offers an advanced range of chartering services that have been developed to complement the needs of our customers.

SKOSV Sdn Bhd holds a valid Petronas Licence that allows supplying goods/services to both the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and the downstream activities of PETRONAS including maritime activities.

We are passionate about the oil and gas industry therefore it is our goal to approach our business with an ability to demonstrate unequivocally its commitment to ownership in everything that we do.

Corporate Structures

SKOSV’s parent company, Nam Cheong Limited is a leading global offshore marine player headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Group’s core business is the construction and supply of offshore support vessels used in offshore oil & gas exploration & production and oil services industries, including Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, Safety Standby Vessels, Maintenance work vessel, Platform Supply Vessel and Landing Crafts.

To expand its business to downstream activities in the offshore marine industry, the Group ventured into the vessel chartering business and commenced vessel-chartering operations in 2007.

The creation of SKOSV can be attributed to the devoted and dynamic management team of Nam Cheong Limited led by a twenty-year veteran of the shipbuilding industry, Executive Chairman - Tan Sri Tiong Su Kouk. Assisting him is Chief Executive Officer Mr Leong Seng Keat, who has more than fifteen years of experience in shipbuilding, sales and management.

A dedicated team of executive officers and other key management staffs whom have been brought together to combine their collective expertise and experience consolidate SKOSV’s growing position within the market. Combined with the company’s committed and passionate workforce, this group of committed personnel forms the core of SKOSV.

Ethics & Compliance

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Our Business

SKOSV provides a comprehensive vessel chartering service

It is our company’s goal to ensure that we provide services with a focus on efficiency, safety and competency.

It is our mission to provide the most reliable and efficient solution to all your chartering needs.

We aim to provide operational excellence, with reliable and efficient solution to all your chartering needs while guaranteeing our vessels’ optimal utilization and safety for our customers.

Ship Chartering

SKOSV, Competitive marine solutions

Chartering is our expertise and it is our commitment to strive for the highest standards in quality, health, safety, security and environmental protection.

Our current fleet consists of Anchor Handling Tug Supply, Platform Supply Vessels and Maintenance Work Vessels, Safety Standby Vessels and Landing Crafts.

It is our goal to further expand our fleet in order to service all the requirements of our clients.


AHTS vessels are designed to provide anchor handling for offshore drilling rigs, tow offshore drilling rigs, barges and other types of OSVs, and also transport supplies and equipment to and from offshore drilling rigs, production platforms and other types of offshore support vessels and installations.

Our AHTS vessels range from 5,000 bhp onwards, which can produce between 60 and 70 tonnes of bollard pull. The vessels are generally 60m long and are equipped with fire-fighting capabilities.


PSVs are deep-sea vessels designed for the transportation of supplies and equipment to and from offshore oil and gas support production platforms, offshore drilling rigs and other types of offshore vessels and installations. A PSV has the ability to transport cargo on its open deck. Our PSVs measure up to 80 metres in length and have a speed of up to 15 knots. Typically, they can carry loads of up to 3,000 DWT and are equipped with fire-fighting capabilities and fuel-efficient as well as DPS.


MWV are vessels designed as a platform for the loading and unloading of cargo or as a temporary workspace for the handling of equipment and materials. Measuring up to 75 metres in length, the Group’s accommodation workboats are installed with DP2 and have a carrying capacity of up to 200 people.

Safety Standby Vessels (SBV)

SBV are specialised vessels designed to provide emergency rescue and evacuation support for offshore facilities, platforms or rigs. It also acts as reserve radio stations and provides on-scene coordination.

Landing Crafts (LC)

Landing craft is ideal for ship-to-ship transport and can fulfill today’s specific transportation needs and is especially useful for cargo operations in areas without proper ports or jetties.

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